Axxya Systems Launches Nutrition Food Labels and Recipe Analysis Application for Europe and UK

Redmond, Wash., January 15, 2015 – Axxya Systems LLC (, the developers of the original Nutritionist Pro(TM) Software, is proud to announce the formal release of Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen Nutrition Food Labeling and Recipe Analysis Cloud Application for Europe.  Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen, a premium cloud application, securely provides users the ability to use any device from anywhere to create European Nutrition Food Labels in English, French, and Spanish as needed and analyze recipes/formulas for their nutrient profile.

Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen currently offers the following features with an expanding feature list as the application is under continuous development.  Features include: create Food Labels for various package sizes in English, French, or Spanish; use our extensive Food/Ingredient database which has the European and UK food data from 20 countries to see nutrient profile of your recipe/formula; build unlimited recipes and see nutrient breakdown and cost per portion; compare your product against set European Nutrient Content Claims like Fat free, Low Salt, etc.; edit, resize, color, or manipulate your label as needed to get it ready for your final package straight from the application; tag allergens and highlight them on your ingredient statement to meet EU 1169 FIC guidelines.  Other regions available include Hong Kong, Canada and USA.

EU 1169 FIC Nutrition Food Labels

EU 1169 FIC Nutrition Food Labels

“After thorough research, feedback from our loyal clients and gauging the direction and future of technology, we developed a premium tool which is sure to benefit our existing and new clients globally.  This European module will help our clients meet the latest EU 1169 FIC guidelines for Allergen Highlighting and Nutrition labeling” says Shazia Nathoo, the CEO of Axxya Systems LLC, developer of Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen.

“Comparable software, applications and services in the market today cost an exorbitant amount. European and UK restaurants, food manufacturers and consultants can now use an affordable premium tool which can be quickly implemented for new and existing foods, has a low training requirement, and actually helps the clients minimize costs.  Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen offers the very features that a user needs to analyze recipes and create nutrition food labels with great convenience.  In addition, since NexGen offers food labels for many regions, clients can continue to use one tool as they grow worldwide,” added Nathoo.

Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen is open for registration. Subscriptions are available from about €29.17 EUR per month (paid annually).

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Nutritionist Pro(TM) NexGen is hosted on secure redundant systems located in several countries globally, and is compatible with most browsers, including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.  Axxya Systems LLC, headquartered in Redmond, Washington is the current developer of the Nutritionist Pro(TM) family of products with history dating back to the early 1980s.  For more information, see

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