UK’s First Zero Waste Firm Wins National Business Innovation Award

19th April 2013 – Vegware, a company providing environmentally-friendly food packaging, has beaten hundreds of entrants across the UK to win the FSB Streamline Business Awards.

The pioneering firm is the only UK business to provide completely compostable food packaging, avoiding resort to landfill or toxic incineration. Its ‘eco-catering’ products range from wine glasses to cutlery, all of which are based on renewable or recyclable materials, and are entirely plastic-free.

FSB Streamline Business Awards

FSB Streamline Business Awards

From just a team of two staff in 2009, the company now has customers and franchises across the globe, serving the hospitality and catering industries which have traditionally had a poor recycling rate.

Joe Frankel, MD and founder of Vegware commented: “We saw that foodservice needed packaging which can actually be recycled after use, and responded to that challenge. Our solution of certified compostable catering disposals and full recycling support is helping the UK’s biggest operators meet sustainability targets and save money. As a result, we have enjoyed tenfold growth in three years, and now employ a team of 26, up from two in late 2009. The FSB win is our fifth this year alone, and is fantastic recognition that Vegware is making a positive contribution to the UK economy and global sustainability, and we are truly delighted to see our achievements rewarded.”

Conventional food service packaging is made of a mixture of different materials. Whilst many of these materials may in theory be recyclable if kept clean and separate, once glued together and then covered in food residue, the item is generally condemned to being buried or at best, burnt. Vegware ensures that all materials are compostable which means they can be placed in the same bin as food waste after use, with no need for sorting.

The awards recognise the contribution of small businesses in fuelling the economy’s growth, and the innovative approach business owners are making to boost their fortunes.

Darren Wilson, Managing Director, Streamline said: “Small businesses play a crucial role in supporting the UK economy and as Vegware has shown, the trajectory for growth can be staggering. Vegware identified a clear need in the marketplace, recognised the incentives for businesses to get on board, and made a compelling financial and environmental case for potential customers.”

Colin Willman, Chairman, FSB (Member Services) commented: “We were impressed by the staggering growth of this company, which now has an established footprint in countries from the US to Australia. Vegware fulfills a real need in the world of catering and proves that eco credentials are right at the heart of our economy’s future.”


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tyntec Signs With Polish Operator PLAY For tt.One Coverage

Operator partnership to enable 2-way cloud telephony and SMS in Polish market

Mobile interaction services provider tyntec ( has signed a ground-breaking partnership with mobile operator PLAY ( to enable the roll out of its tt.One telco-web convergence solution in the Polish market.

The deal will see PLAY provide local virtual mobile numbers that tyntec will use to offer telco-web convergence services to Internet companies, enterprises and app developers looking to target Polish users.

tyntec’s tt.One solution places core mobile communications capabilities – voice, SMS and mobile numbers – into the cloud, allowing two-way communications between web-based services  and mobile users. At the heart of this solution are local virtual mobile numbers. Through its partnership with PLAY, tyntec will broaden its coverage for tt.One to Poland’s 50 million mobile subscribers.

This partnership sends a strong signal to mobile operators that they can play an active role in the OTT market.  By using core assets such as mobile phone numbers, operators can generate new traffic streams and revenues whilst remaining in control of OTT and web traffic.  By empowering mobile numbers for OTT and web accounts, operators can capture revenue share from the fast growing OTT-to-mobile market. 

PLAY and tyntec’s partnership will enable Poland-based and international companies looking to target the Polish market to operate a wide range of services leveraging mobile numbers and voice and SMS capabilities.  For example:

  • Free/low cost texting & calling OTT apps

  • Extended VoIP with SMS and phone numbers

  • Dual SIM cards (integrating an additional phone number on one SIM)

  • Anonymous voice chat for virtual dating

Partnering with players such as tyntec to power OTT-type services using mobile numbers has a huge potential for mobile operators.  According to research by Mobile Squared, this market has the potential to generate almost $30 billion worth of revenue over the 2012-16 period. The study shows that mobile numbers have the potential to break down the walled gardens that are currently fragmenting the OTT market.  They can do this by enabling cross-platform communications by using mobile numbers as a ubiquitous and recognised identifier.  Moreover, by introducing them into the OTT space, operators can ensure that they retain a pivotal role in this fast emerging communications trend.

tyntec CEO Steve Liddell said, “PLAY is the most innovative operator in the Polish market so it is a natural fit as a partner for our tt.One solution. By partnering with tyntec, PLAY has the opportunity to drive huge volumes of web-originated telecoms traffic across its network, providing new revenue opportunities from outside of its established customer base as well as a strategic entry point into the OTT market.”


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tyntec is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile services for a wide range of uses – from mission-critical applications to internet services. We reduce the complexity involved in accessing the closed and complex telecoms world by providing a high quality, easy-to-integrate and global offering using universal services such as SMS, voice and numbers. Our products serve a broad range of business requirements are all backed up by an advanced and reliable infrastructure. Founded in 2002, and with more than 150 staff in five offices around the globe, tyntec works with 500+ businesses including mobile service providers, enterprises and internet companies. tyntec is a global mobile interaction service provider, offering high-quality mobile messaging and information services to mobile network operators, enterprises, mobile service providers and internet companies.
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