ADLV Predicts Broader Use of Electronic Driver Checks in 2016 As Fleets Embrace Best-Practice and Road Safety

The ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) is forecasting that best practice and road safety objectives will drive a greater fleet focus on the volume, frequency and type of electronic driver checks in 2016. Amongst the trends that the ADLV forecasts are:

Greater Frequency Of Checking:
In keeping with its recent marketing campaign, encouraging Fleet Managers to move to quarterly checks from annual ones, the ADLV is expecting that the average frequency of online checks will increase significantly. The figures are particularly important given the recent statistics highlighted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). These show that 7,621 people are still driving with 12 points or more on their licence. A further 36,000 motorists are on the brink of losing their driving licence. Whilst these drivers have reached the threshold to receive a ban, they are still driving, endangering other road users.

ADLV logo

ADLV logo

The ADLV believes that as most fleets move to biannual or quarterly checking, motivated by the general trend towards lower cost per check, the risk of fleet drivers carrying undeclared endorsements will be dramatically reduced. This policy has already received widespread acclaim from many of the UK’s largest fleets and the ADLV believes that this momentum will continue to gain pace across the course of the coming year. From a current base of 1.4 checks per driver per annum, the ADLV believes that the figure is likely to exceed to 1.7 checks per driver per annum in 2016.

Increased Volume of Checks:
Partly as a result of the increased frequency and partly as a result of the abolition of the paper license counterpart last July, there will be an overall increase in the annual volume of electronic checks in the coming year. The number of checks through the ADLV membership has been rising steadily over the course of this year it is expected that the total number will now increase to over 2.5 million in 2016, a growth rate of around 25% per annum.

Wider Range of Data Available:
The breadth and type of data available to Fleet Managers will also increase as the concept of ‘Know Your Driver’ spreads as a Best Practice. This will help tackle growing issues such as Right To Work in the commercial sector where the use of illegal workers is becoming a burning issue.

Commenting on the forecasts, Richard Payne-Gill Deputy Chair of the ADLV noted; “2016 will be a tipping point for commercial electronic licence checking as Fleet Managers, HR Executives and Risk Assessors now understand the real potential of frequent electronic checking and the increasing breadth of datasets that are becoming available. This allows Fleets to set new standards of best practice on one hand whilst making a real contribution to road safety on the other.

“Probably the most significant change will be the evolution of the data itself, including an increase in the number of datasets available. This is being driven by the demands from Fleet Managers themselves who see this new approach as benefitting both fleet management best practice and road-safety. It will also add to the confidence companies have that the right people are behind the wheels of their vehicles. Indeed the days of rogue drivers slipping through the net are now well and truly numbered.”


Note To Editors: About the ADLV (
The Association for Driving License Verification has been established to promote and encourage best practice within the industry for the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement for responsible employers and road safety.

The ADLV will both represent and regulate Members organisations in accordance with its rigorous Code of Conduct.

The current list of ADLV members that Fleet managers can contact should they require driving licence checks is a follows:
Admin Business Solutions, Descartes Systems UK Ltd, DriveTech (UK) Ltd, Drivercheck Ltd., DrivingMonitor, Fleet Claims Administration Ltd, GB Group plc., Jaama Ltd, Intelligent Data Systems (UK) Ltd, Interactive Driving Systems Ltd, Licence Bureau Ltd, Licence Check Ltd, Pinewood Technologies, Driver Hire Group Services Ltd.

For further information please contact:
Richard Payne-Gill
07534 199236


Leigh Richards
The Right Image PR & Marketing Group
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Roger Taylor, former CEO of Quadriga, joins Airangel WiFi

Airangel, a leading provider of WiFi software and service solutions to the European and increasingly international hospitality markets is delighted to announce three new appointments to support the business through the next phase of its evolution.

Roger Taylor, the former CEO of Quadriga, joins Airangel as Non-Executive Director where his main area of responsibility will be to assist the Board and CEO in prioritising and successfully implementing upon the company’s growth strategy. Roger has a track record of delivering sales performance and operational transformation within rapid-change technology markets; scaling organisations in line with their growth ambitions; and a deep understanding of the software and service provision to the EMEA and US hospitality markets.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Dean Wilkinson, CEO of Airangel WiFi, commented:
“Since 2004, Airangel has developed and refined best-in-class WiFi software solutions, which are trusted by leading hospitality brands, such as The Ritz, IHG, and Radisson, in their properties. Founded in the UK, Airangel has firmly set its sights on further strengthening their international position, and strengthening the brand in the WiFi solutions market. To enable this growth and to aid the reshaping of the business, we’ve made a number of key appointments, each bringing with them a fresh new approach and ideas to this well-established organisation.

I’m delighted and excited to welcome Roger to our team. I know that Roger’s expertise in implementing solid growth strategies and his standing within the hospitality sector is going to help Airangel take great leaps forward.”

Roger Taylor added:
“Airangel have made significant progress over the past 24 months to capitalise on their considerable experience within the European market to develop leading WiFi software tools that address key elements of WiFi management and commercialisation that are applicable to all hoteliers, and are serving as the launch pad for the acceleration of its international expansion. I’m thrilled to join the team as Dean navigates the company as it repositions and matures as an international software solutions provider.”

Airangel’s other key appointments include Matt Smith, former Channel Marketing lead, joining from Purple WiFi and David Weston, also from Purple WiFi. David will be responsible for building the Airangel channel business both in the UK and abroad. Matt Smith will be heading up the new marketing function within the business.


Notes to Editors
Media contact: Matt Smith, Marketing Manager. Email

About Airangel:
Airangel WiFi has been developed for over a decade to meet the demands of some of the leading international brands in the hospitality sector. We have created an innovative, robust, scalable and easy to use WiFi-based software solution, which puts the control of every aspect of the service in the hands of our customers.

Airangel have taken their passion for innovation and their experience of delivering excellence in the hospitality industry, to create a product that caters for businesses across multiple sectors. The MyAirangel platform boasts a suite of features and benefits that deliver real results for hospitality, retail, public sector, leisure, NHS, and corporate organisations.

Popular Soundtrap Online Music Recording Studio Now Has Special Version for Kids: Soundtrap for Education

First-of-its-Kind, Easy-to-Use, Multi-Platform, Secure, Inexpensive Tool Optimized for Education Market

BETT, London – 19 January, 2016 – After a beta launch that has taken the market by storm and six months of market success, the first-of-its-kind Soundtrap online collaborative music and audio recording studio is taking a big step forward in the education market via “Soundtrap for Education,” being launched today. Soundtrap has already received praise from UK schools and teachers but the new Soundtrap for Education is even better, being tailored for students in primary and secondary schools worldwide and offering optimal new features for both students and teachers.

Soundtrap for Education is the first solution for kids that lets them make music or audio recordings with fellow students within their invited and secured group, record a tune or podcast, then share the music with classmates in the cloud from a multitude of devices and operating systems. This new version is just as easy to use as the regular Soundtrap solution, in contrast to the steep learning curve and complexity inherent in other music recording tools.

Soundtrap for Education enables students to be up and running in less than three minutes. In short order, students can create professional-sounding music and podcasts alone or with other students from remote locations, all using different devices. (See video:

The new education-focused version of Soundtrap ensures that collaborating participants operate in a secure, closed “walled garden” environment protected from the rest of the Internet. Teachers can create such secure groups for a single class, an entire school, or multiple classes or schools, empowering students to get involved in cross-cultural projects. Teachers can invite an entire class to a group in Soundtrap at once but still oversee the work of individual students.

Soundtrap was the first online collaborative music recording studio to work across iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices and the new version gives students and teachers compelling benefits. For example, students can switch from different devices at school and home in order to do homework on their projects. Teachers can remotely coach students via the built-in video chat while students can perform group assignments with the student at the next desk or across the globe. Students can also take instrument lessons using Soundtrap’s video chat or group rehearsals for a school choir or band. Soundtrap is fully integrated with Google Classroom and is a Google for Education partner.

Soundtrap has generated great buzz since its launch. It’s currently in use in over 1,000 schools and the solution has grown from 20,000 to more than a quarter of a million users in 200 countries in a year. “Our new education version is ideal for classrooms,” said Soundtrap CEO Per Emanuelsson. “It combines ease of use with the ability to make learning more fun. Soundtrap creates a classroom without walls because students can use it anywhere they can take their devices. Teachers have told us that not only do their students love it but have produced high-quality compositions and podcasts that amaze all audiences.”

Soundtrap will demo the new solution at the BETT education conference in London January 20-23 at booth #H416. Soundtrap for Education is available now and offers discounted pricing for schools at less than £4 per seat per year.

About Soundtrap
Soundtrap is the first online music recording studio to work across all operating systems, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Chromebook, where you collaborate with music makers from all around the world in an easy-to-use browser, cloud-based system. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, birthplace of many successful music tech startups such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Tidal, the company also has an office in Silicon Valley. Soundtrap provides an easy-to-use platform for all levels of musical interest and ability and is being used by the primary and secondary through higher-education markets. For more information, visit:

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