Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara Marries Breanne Racano

Jerry Ferrara is a married man!

The Entourage star tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Breanne Racano, on Friday, his former costar, Kevin Dillon, revealed in an Instagram photo.

“They did it! Congratulations to the Ferraras!” 51-year-old Dillon, who played Johnny “Drama” Chase on the series, captioned a glowing photo of the couple on their wedding day.

In the photo, Ferrara sports a black tux while his blushing bride dons a strapless white wedding gown and veil. Both are smiling at the camera as Ferrara, whose left hand now carries a wedding band, points to the lens.

Ferrara, 37, got engaged to the actress, who also had a role in Entourage in 2011, in August of last year. The couple officially got together in 2014.

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“I SAID YES!!! Wait I mean… I’ve had many great blessings in my life. But this one by far is the best of all time. You are the greatest person I ever met!” Ferrara captioned a selfie posted to Instagram after he proposed, which showcased his then-fiancée’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

Racano also shared the same shot, writing, “I am so lucky to marry this man. #engaged #isaidyes #fiancé.”

Ferrara played Turtle on the dramedy from 2004-11.

A rep for Ferrara did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Scott Stapp and Wife Jaclyn Expecting a Baby

Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn are going to be parents — again!

“This is such a gift,” the 43-year-old Grammy winner tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We truly couldn’t be happier or more excited.”

The couple tells PEOPLE that they were shocked at the news. “This is a huge surprise, and a blessing, and a miracle,” Jaclyn, 36, says. “We thought we were done with diapers and pacifiers. This surprise fell into our lap, and we are just on cloud nine!”

Adds Scott: “It’s amazing. We just bought a new home and moved in. We were getting settled, and then we found out about the baby. The kids were jumping up and down. It’s so cute to see them. Every day, our 7-year-old runs up to Jaclyn and puts his head on her belly and talks to the baby!”

Brooke Kelly Photography

While the Stapps know the sex — and the name — of the baby, they’re keeping that information secret until they tell their families in a baby reveal.

“It’s been fun telling people about this,” says Jaclyn. “We are just so thrilled.”

The baby will come at a busy time for the family. Stapp will be touring with his band, Art of Anarchy, as well as writing new music. Jaclyn, a former Miss New York USA, still does some modeling, as well as running a children’s charity, the CHARM Foundation.

Brooke Kelly Photography

“We’re ready,” says Scott. “I’ll be home a lot, writing music. So I can spend time with the baby every day. I’m really proud of the fact that I’m a hands-on dad. Changing diapers, getting up at night, giving the baby a bath, all of that. I love that role of being a dad.”

“And we’ll have some help, too,” adds Jaclyn, who mentions that her mother, a nurse, will be living with them, and her sister lives nearby. “We’ll have to balance everything, but I’m not that worried about it. We’re ready to do this!”

The baby, due around Thanksgiving, will be Stapp’s fourth. Daughter Milán is 10; son Daniel is 7. He also has an 18-year-old son, Jagger, from a previous marriage. The family recently moved to Franklin, Tennessee, in a house that is (thankfully) large enough to fit the whole family.

FROM PEN: Inside Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs’ Life At Home with Six Kids: ‘I’m the Luckiest Man in the World’

Milán (left) and Daniel (right) celebrate the pregnancy
Brooke Kelly Photography

Stapp famously hit a rough patch in 2014, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and went through rehab. With that chapter behind him, he says he’s looking forward to being a dad.

“I can’t tell you how happy everyone is about this,” he says. “This is a wonderful gift. I feel very, very blessed.”

Snapchat bought the AR location intellectual property of startup Drop

Snap Map is Snapchat’s plan to tie together its online content with ways to augment your offline reality, and its got the patent to back it up. Augmented reality location startup Drop tells TechCrunch that Snap Inc acquired its intellectual property in 2015 including its “Location-based messaging” patent.

In 2013, Drop developed an app that would let you post photos or text to a certain location like a landmark or business, and your followers would get an alert to check it out when they came nearby. By utilizing Drop’s intellectual property, Snapchat could launch a similar feature allowing users to discover location-based messages with the Snap Map or Snapchat’s AR lenses. Snap declined to comment on this story, as usually does regarding M&A news.

Drop let you leave geofenced messages for friends and followers


Drop won TechCrunch’s 2013 Boston pitch competition, and you can see an interview with the team below. Drop went on to raise a $1.25 million seed round from Atlas Ventures and Spark Capital. At the end of 2015, Drop eventually launched a real-time location sharing app called Firefly. The app was quite similar to Zenly, the social map startup that TechCrunch reported last week had been bought by Snapchat for $250 million to $350 million, and will continue to run autonomously while also having inspired Snapchat’s new Snap Map.

In anticipation of Snap Map’s launch, it appears that Snapchat sought to beef up its location patent portfolio. In 2014, CEO Evan Spiegel filed a patent for seeing other people’s photos taken somewhere and unlocking geofenced photos from friends. Snap acquired a geofilter patent from Yo founder Moshe Hogeg’s startup Mobli for $7.7 million. Prior to its IPO, Snapchat bought 245 patents from IBM, including ones for representing the location of messages senders on a map and estimating the location of social network users. And just this month, Snap acquired Placed to prove how its geofilters drive brick-and-mortar store visits.

Now TechCrunch has learned that in 2015, Snapchat reached out to Drop to buy its location tech IP, according to co-founder Zachary DeWitt. He tells us that “Snapchat reached out to buy the IP portfolio. We went back and forth on terms and price, but ended up selling them our whole portfolio of IP. The patent included a very detailed section on the line by line technology implementation so the owner of the patent would be able to replicate the code consistently with our original technology specifications.” The patent was reassigned in December, and the deal led Drop to pivot entirely to working on Firefly.

DeWitt characterized the insistence of Snap Inc, saying “They came in and they were very determined. They paid all our legal fees. It happened very fast.” After some prying, he revealed that total price paid was “under $1 million”, though another source tells TechCrunch it was closer to $100,000. While not a ton of cash, it’s not a bad consolation prize for a failed startup.

“I think the reason Snapchat went after our patent is because we’re one of the first to have a patent in the space. Our patent was very expansive and covered a lot of use cases” DeWitt says. “We definitely think it’s a linchpin patent to what they’re trying to achieve.”

“Our firm view at Drop was that physical and digital worlds would increasingly converge over time. Whether it be a visualization of your network’s location, or contextual content specific to a place, people will be able to interact with the world in a completely different way” DeWitt says. “It is clear from Snap’s moves with Snap Map and in recent additions to the Company’s patent portfolio that they share this belief and aim to be a key enabler of this trend.”

Snap’s not the only one. During its F8 conference in April, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook’s augmented reality Camera Effects Platform will include the ability to leave AR notes for people at specific places. Meanwhile, Instagram recently launched Location Stories that shows other people’s ephemeral photos and videos from a certain place.

Mark Zuckerberg reveals Facebook’s plan for its own augmented reality notes

That means there could a be race between Facebook/Instagram and Snapchat to see who can popularize unlockable geofenced content. This could encourage users to take out their phones to check if there’s any hidden content wherever they are, which might in turn inspire them to capture and share their own location-based content to whichever app wins.

“Snap may soon allow you to create location-specific content that your friends will discover when they arrive at that location” DeWitt predicts. “For example, leave a Snap video message at the airport for your brother to find when he lands. Thus, Snaps may become virtual sticky notes that are scattered around the Snap Map for users to find, add to, and interact with in fun and creative ways.”

Snapchat needs a new hit product after Instagram Stories copied and surpasssed it. That could be Snap Map if it combines the utility of finding friends to hang out with Drop’s location-based content discovery…and can avoid violating people’s privacy. The physical world will take a lot of work to flesh out with augmented reality content. But even if it has poor relations with developers, Snap could fill its map with an army of teen contributors.

Fox News Poll: Most don’t think Founding Fathers would be proud of nation

Over the Fourth of July, Americans will celebrate our country’s independence by going to the beach, firing up the grill and shooting off fireworks. 

But are they proud of the nation they are honoring? The latest Fox News Poll asked.

Just over half, 51 percent, are proud of the United States today.   That number held steady since last June (50 percent), but it’s down from a high of 69 percent in 2011. 

Forty-five percent of voters are not proud.

By a 25-point margin, Republicans (64 percent) are more likely than Democrats (39 percent) to say they’re proud. Independents split:  50 percent proud vs. 46 percent not. 

How would the Founding Fathers feel? A record 79 percent of voters think if Washington, Jefferson, and the rest were alive today, they wouldn’t be too thrilled. Large majorities across the political spectrum feel that way, including 83 percent of independents, 80 percent of Republicans, and 78 percent of Democrats.


Additionally, 50 percent think life for the next generation of Americans will be worse than life today. It was 43 percent last September, but 61 percent in September 2014 and October 2010.  Democrats (64 percent), non-whites (61 percent), and women (54 percent) are among those most likely to feel that way.

Overall, 40 percent think life for the next generation will be better.

Meanwhile, 64 percent of voters are optimistic about the economy right now, while one-third is pessimistic (32 percent). Key Republican constituencies are among those feeling the most positive, as large numbers of  white evangelicals (78 percent), whites without a college degree (71 percent), and men (69 percent) all feel at least somewhat optimistic.

“For decades, the party of the president has been a bigger predictor of which voters feel good about the economy than individuals’ economic situations,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson who conducts the Fox News Poll along with Republican Daron Shaw. “When Barack Obama was president, Democrats were more positive about economic conditions.  Now Republicans are.  This isn’t because Republicans’ individual financial situations have improved and Democrats haven’t.”

President Trump receives his highest marks on the economy (48 percent approve vs. 43 percent disapprove). He also gets a positive job rating for his handling of terrorism (48-45 percent). 

Voters rate him lower on foreign policy (41 percent approve vs. 52 percent disapprove) and health care (36-55 percent).

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cellphone interviews with 1,017 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from June 25-27, 2017.  The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.


Joe Jackson ‘Safe and Healthy’ After Las Vegas Car Crash

Joe Jackson — the music manager and father of 11, including singer Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson — is “safe and healthy” following a car accident in Las Vegas, where he has a home.

The 88-year-old Jackson family patriarch was a passenger in a black Jaguar driving near the Las Vegas strip when the vehicle was T-boned by a red SUV, TMZ reported. He was taken reportedly taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance after complaints of chest pain.

On Friday, his team tweeted about the news, explaining that he was feeling well. “Mr. Jackson was in a minor car accident, but nothing happened to him,” he wrote. “Not a scratch and he is safe and healthy. #teamJackson

This isn’t the first time the Jackson family patriarch has found himself hospitalized. In recent years he has as battled several health setbacks — including a stay in May 2016.

In July 2015, he was rushed to the hospital in Brazil after suffering a stroke and heart arrhythmia while celebrating his birthday and was further treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center when he returned to Los Angeles.

Jackson also suffered a mild stroke in November 2012.

These Minnie-Mouse Inspired Heels Are So Chic

Inspired by Minnie Mouse herself, Italian shoe designer Oscar Tiye has created a collection of shoes with mouse-ear details on the back of the heel. From far away, they look like a bow, but in-the-know Disney fans will know what’s up. Options for the Minnie, ranging in price from $450 (on sale) to $700 (for the latest styles), come in various colors and designs—including stilettos, block heels, pumps, and wedges. Take a look at the collection here.

Kenzo Hoped to “Challenge the Norm” With All-Asian Model Fashion Show

Earlier this week, the French luxury house Kenzo addressed the lack of diversity in fashion head-on by casting all Asian models in the spring 2018 show. But how did it all come together? Designer Humberto Leon, who oversees the brand with Carol Lim, tells ELLE.com the decision was made four months ago.

Kenzo spring 2018

Courtesy of Kenzo

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“We have worked with AM Casting for years now, so they have a great understanding of our process and storytelling method,” Leon wrote via email. “They are integral to helping us complete the story. There were a handful of local girls we used, and we flew over 25 models from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, California, and London. Within the group of 80 plus Asian models there was such a range of diversity between all of them which was really exciting to see.”

As with any Kenzo presentation or show, the goal is to push the boundaries and “challenge the norm,” says Leon. “We are champions of diversity and this philosophy of inclusion informs all that we do. We hope to serve as an example for other houses that diversity is important and beautiful. It’s important to give minorities in any field a platform. In this case, we wanted to have an authentic approach.” Kenzo’s spring 2018 collection was inspired by Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and model Sayoko Yamaguchi.

Beyoncé Has Reportedly Named Her Twins Rumi and Sir Carter

The Internet shut down after news broke that Beyoncé gave birth to her twins. And now it appears we have the most important update on the Bey-bies—their names.

Drumroll, please: Beyoncé’s twins, who were both reportedly assigned [male/female] at birth, are reportedly named Rumi and Sir Carter, according to TMZ. Future icons in the making, obviously.

TMZ says it got this bit of intel via legal documents just filed by the company that owns the trademarks to Bey and Jay’s names. They filed to secure the rights to the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter, and to reportedly trademark “fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls and rattles and novelty items.”

People reported on June 17 that Bey and Jay-Z had welcomed their twins and, according to TMZ,, the babies were born on Monday (June 12) and had a minor issue that kept them (and Beyoncé) in the hospital for a few extra days.

Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, confirmed the birth on Twitter Sunday (June 18). “They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday,” he wrote alongside an electronic birthday card for the twins. See it for yourself, below:

It’s hard to believe Beyoncé’s original announcement about her pregnancy was more than four months ago. “We would like to share our love and happiness,” Bey wrote on Instagram back in February. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. ” She paired this touching message with a photo of herself clad in lingerie and rubbing her growing baby bump. (It was the first of many pregnancy photo-shoots to come.)

At the 2017 Grammys, which aired 12 days after she dropped the twin bombshell, Bey talked about how she wants her kids to “grow up in a world where they look in the mirror, first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House, and the Grammys, and see themselves. And have no doubt that they’re beautiful, intelligent, and capable.”

Fingers crossed a Carter family photo shoot is in the works.

Crime drops in Phoenix after city drops sanctuary city status, former cops say

At the center of national debate, a question remains unanswered: Are sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants safer than non-sanctuary cities?

Sanctuary supporters claim they are.

“Police chiefs across the nation believe that enlisting local police to enforce immigration law is a bad idea,” California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, a Democrat, claimed at a news conference last week. “Having [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] pluck criminals out of jail and send them across the border or wherever they came only to come right back endangers our communities.”

But is that true?

A six-year study published last year by the University of California, Riverside  found “violent crime is slightly higher in sanctuary cities.” It concluded there was “no statistically discernible difference in violent crime rates, rape, or property crime across” 55 cities studied.


And at least one city, Phoenix, saw a drop in crime after it eliminated its sanctuary city status, according to former law enforcement officials.

Yet, some 200 cities nationwide adopted sanctuary policies and lawmakers propose to make California a sanctuary state. While the statute is opposed by the statewide county sheriff’s association, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck supports the bill that would prohibit local police from cooperating with ICE requests for information on illegal immigrants in custody.

“We do not want to dilute trust because trust is the most important thing in policing,” said Chief Beck. “We depend on our communities, particularly our immigrant communities to cooperate with us, not only to keep them safe but to keep all of you safe.”

Beck and De Leon were joined by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. They oppose two bills passed Thursday by the House. One measure – named Kate’s law after a young woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times – stiffens punishment for people who re-enter the US illegally. The other strips some federal dollars from “sanctuary” cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE.

In the eyes of Levi Bolton, executive director to the Arizona Police Association, that would be a mistake. In May 2008, Phoenix reversed itself, becoming a non-sanctuary state. Under the policy, police had full discretion to ask suspects about their immigration status and had the freedom to call ICE.


“We saw a decrease in crime,” said Bolton. “It had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially when we actually enforced the law.”

Bolton served with Mark Spencer, who spent 25 years patrolling in Phoenix.

“When we eliminated our sanctuary policy back in 2008, we saw crime, violent and stolen vehicles fall by 25 percent,” he recalled. “We saw a 20-year low crime rate. When we were allowed and had the discretion to contact our federal immigration partners, crime fell drastically.”

According to City-Data.com, which collects data from various government agencies, from 2008 to 2009 Phoenix’s murder rate fell 27 percent, robberies by 23 percent, assault by 13 percent, burglaries by 14 percent and theft by 19 percent. The numbers for each category fell the following year as well – albeit by smaller margins.

The bills in Congress still face stiff opposition in the senate, where Sanctuary supporters claim the “reckless” Trump Administration led to a decrease in sexual assault and domestic violence because those who may report such crimes fear deportation.

Under his statewide sanctuary bill, “local police officers will maintain the trust of immigrant communities that has been carefully nurtured,” he claimed, “the trust that is so important to our safety.”

‘X-Men’ Buzz: ‘The New Mutants’ Cast Change; ‘The Dark Phoenix’ Brings Back Quicksilver


Production on the next X-Men movie, The New Mutants, is scheduled to begin in Boston next month, which means that the cast is still being finalized. We know that Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt will star in the movie, which follows a group of young mutants as they learn how to control their superpowers while seeking to escape a secret facility. 

Last month we heard that Rosario Dawson was in talks to play Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a mentor for the teenage mutants. Now comes word that Dawson will not be joining the project. Instead, another quality actress is stepping in for her and will portray the good doctor.

Alice Braga, star on both the big screen (I Am Legend; Predators; Ardor, above) and the small screen (TV’s Queen of the South), has joined the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Josh Boone, who cowrote the script and will direct, intends to make “a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,” without costumes or supervillains, which sounds very, very intriguing.

The New Mutants is due for theatrical release on April 13, 2018.


X-Men: Apocalypse

Meanwhile, another installment in the superhero series is also in the casting process. We’ve already heard that James McAvoy (Professor X), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) and Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) will reprise their roles in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, while Jessica Chastain is reportedly in talks to portray a villainous character.

While we were glad to hear that a character new to the movies, mutant pop star Dazzler, will make an appearance, we’ve been wondering which other mutants will be showing up. Two more characters have now been confirmed: Evan Peters (above in X-Men: Apocalypse) will reprise his role as speedy mutant Quicksilver and Lamar Johnson will play a mysterious character whose identity has not yet been revealed, according to THR.

The report indicates that younger mutants played by Alexandra Shipp (Storm), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler) will also be returning. Simon Kinberg will direct.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will open in theaters on November 2, 2018.