Gavin Rossdale Debuts Bush’s New ‘Mad Love’ Music Video

Gavin Rossdale takes his confessional track “Mad Love” to the roof in his band Bush’s exclusive music video premiere. The song comes off the band’s new album, Black and White Rainbows.

The Voice UK coach admitted to PEOPLE that sons Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3, turned down his request to sing on the record!

“I wanted them to because they’ve got great voices and sound really good. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve got really nice, really pretty voices — maybe next record … if I can afford them! They’re probably out of my league!” Rossdale, 51, says.

Black and White Rainbows marks Bush’s first album to drop since Rossdale’s divorce from Gwen Stefani, 47, was settled last April.

Though he says fatherhood has changed his approach to music, he did not write tracks specifically about his boys.

“When Gwen first had Kingston, it was like, ‘Did you write any songs about him?’ ” says Rossdale. “It’s just more that they raise the bar: You don’t want them to go through your back catalog and think you suck!”

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On the new music, he continued, “It’s a new journey. I didn’t want to have anything that was negative — I didn’t have anything negative to say.”

The new Bush album drops Friday, March 10, and the band kicks off its U.S. summer tour in May, Click here for more on tickets and a complete list of dates.

Truck Driver Loses Cat, Finds Him Alive Underneath Vehicle 400 Miles Later

Source: Facebook/Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson, a 57-year-old truck driver from St. Paul, Minnesota, lost his cat Percy while on the job. However, he miraculously found him after driving 400 miles.

(Wow, this cat sure beats that other cat who survived a 225-mile journey!)

Percy’s journey began in New Paris, Ohio where Robertson was recovering after some food poisoning. He fell asleep and left his truck idling when Percy accidentally opened the window and slipped out.

When Robertson awakened, Percy was gone. In addition, a storm was approaching.

Robertson took to Facebook after looking everywhere for Percy. He even started a GoFundMe to raise money for a reward if someone found the poor cat.

“It might just be him and his kitty in the truck hauling down the road day after day, but when he logs onto Facebook, they have an entire extended family online, new and old, looking forward to hearing about their day’s adventure,” Teresa Schutz Esler, Robertson’s close friend, told the Star-Tribune.

He left Percy’s litter box out, some food and even a pair of dirty socks to lure him, but 24 hours passed and he had to get going.

“I’ve had to leave without him,” Robertson wrote on Facebook. “I feel like the worst cat dad ever.”

He then traveled 400 miles away in harsh weather conditions. While at a rest stop, he returned to the vehicle and noticed a disheveled Percy underneath his truck.

“He was cold and miserable and a bit wide-eyed … he stinks like 400 miles of bad road and old truck … but somehow this amazing animal rode with me all day today hanging onto the undercarriage!” wrote Robertson on Facebook.

And Percy came out with only an eye infection! (Though he sure needed a bath, too.)

“If I ever a moment felt like a gift from God, it was then,” Robertson said to the Star-Tribune.

We’re ecstatic this duo is reunited, aren’t you? Let us know what you think and share Paul and Percy’s wonderful story with your family and friends!

Your Daily Dish reached out to Paul Robertson for a comment.